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Forensic Accounting

The Hidden Truth

Tenacious investigation of third-party finances to ascertain the truth, as well to uncover fraud, in divorce, bankruptcy, workout and other major litigation claims.

Financial transactions leave a trail. We apply stringent tests to areas that may appear suspicious and are often the domain of unusual activity. Financial records are further reconciled to identify potential patterns of data manipulation.

We expose the numbers that stakeholders can trust to accurately ascertain the financial state of any entity.

The result? Our client is armed with information which enables them to negotiate from a position of strength while protecting their most important assets.

Forensic Accounting

Proven Methodologies to Uncover the True Financial Picture of Any Entity or Situation



  • Providing expert witness testimony
  • Gathering and analyzing pre-trial information
  • Formulating deposition questions and rebuttal testimony
  • Preparing trial exhibits
  • Reviewing settlements
  • Calculating damages
Pen and paper

Family Law/


  • Calculation of cash flow available for support
  • Division of community and separate property
  • Asset tracing
  • Business valuations
  • Tax effects and tax planning