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Sticking to the Deal

We have over 150 collective years of partner experience conducting profit participation, music royalty, licensing & merchandising, and payroll compliance audits.

We work with top attorneys, managers and business advisors in the entertainment business to recover the full amounts contractually owed to the artists and IP rights owners.

Hollywood and the music industry’s major unions and benefit plans rely on us to:

  • Recapture delinquent contributions to their Trust Funds
  • Ensure contributions toward their Health & Pension Plans are in compliance
  • Conduct gross receipts audits to assess whether union-covered talent is receiving an accurate share of residual income

In short, we do three things:

A row of piggy banks

Ensure that all revenues and other forms of benefits are properly reported and credited to our clients

Many small beads of water
Collect & Settle

Assist in settlement negotiations to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients

A pile of papers with charts, graphs, and calendars

Provide expertise and assessment of contractual provisions and dispute resolution

In our 35+ years of practice, we have recovered over
$750 million for our clients.

Audit Services

A Fully Integrated Line of Services for the Entertainment Industry


Film, Television
& New Media

  • Audit studio accounting for unreported revenues and overcharged expenses
  • Expert evaluation of profit participation and contingent compensation agreements
  • Support collection/resolution efforts plus provide expert witness services
  • Monitor profit participation and royalties statements for unusual activity

Music, Royalty
& Publishing

  • Inspect royalty payment terms for new releases, catalog products and special market licenses
  • Scrutinize the label’s and publisher’s accounting
  • Provide an accurate record of the artists’ earnings and underpayments
  • Analyze distribution and profit share arrangements

Merchandising &

  • Audit licensees to ensure accurate royalty payments to artists & IP rights holders
  • Expert evaluation of royalty and licensing agreements (pre-signing consultation)
  • Provide brand & image protection from unlicensed merchandise and products
  • Support collection/resolution efforts plus provide expert witness services

Hollywood &
Music Industry
Labor Unions

  • Ensure employers—such as studios and production companies—are making proper payroll contributions to union Health & Pension Plans
  • Detect delinquencies and minimize participants’ obtaining benefits improperly
  • Recover delinquent contributions towards Trust Funds pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Evaluate internal accounting controls
  • Audit of revenue streams to ensure proper payment of residuals to talent and Health & Pension Plans