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Recording Artist Services | Behind the Music

Laying down tracks is an intense, creative process. We take care of what matters outside of the recording studio.

NKSFB takes a hands-on approach to working with our world class, chart-topping music clients. To support an artist’s career longevity, we offer a wide range of services.

Percussion instruments

Review all recording, publishing, merchandising and endorsement contracts

Prepare and monitor recording budgets

Implement financial controls

Handle all required financial reporting

Tax mitigation in multiple U.S. and foreign territories with varying tax laws

Bicycle helmets

Coordinate with insurance brokers to protect all assets

Work out details of liability, equipment, workers comp and errors & omissions policies

Work closely with your team – management, attorneys, record labels and vendors

Hire personnel you can trust

A surface with a pair of glasses, a calculator, and writing tools

Record label administration

Music publishing administration

Royalty tracking and statement review

Catalog evaluations and income analytics

Manage third party obligations

This is our tune:

You make beautiful music. We’ll
keep everything else in harmony.™