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Athlete Services

It's Prime Time

The life of an athlete is unique and complex: traveling to different cities, non-traditional working hours, injuries, contract agreements and endorsements, to name a few aspects. How do you stay on top of the game?

NKSFB takes a hands-on approach to working with our high-achieving, globally-recognized sports clients.

We start by listening. Clarifying what matters to our client and then building a vision. With a strategy in place, we define and then refine, over time, the best plan to execute the mission.

To support an athlete’s career longevity, we offer a wide range of services.

Stadium lights in the fog
While Playing
  • Review of non-sports and marketing-related contracts
  • In-season and off-season budgeting
  • Monthly cash flow and quarterly financial reports
  • Managing and monitoring check receipts and bill payments
  • Insurance oversight to protect all assets
  • Tax prep & mitigation in multiple U.S. and foreign territories with varying tax laws
  • Relocation services (in/off-season)
  • Hiring & firing of personal staff
A clock and a calendar
What’s Next
  • Tax planning
  • Continuous review of investments coordinated with investment professionals
  • Negotiation of real estate and major purchases
  • Estate planning oversight (wills, trusts)

During the game and after retirement, we understand better than anyone how to stay a champion.