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Touring Services

The Whole Arena

Before the tour bus hits the road and after the stage is struck at the end of the tour, NKSFB is a valuable part of the artist’s crew—every step of the way.

NKSFB takes a hands-on approach to working with the artist’s touring team, including their Management, Booking Agents, Production Staff, Promoters, Record Labels and Vendors.

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Before Tour
  • Work with promoter and agent on business plan
  • Forecast projected revenues for overages, VIP income and merchandise
  • Budget creation and expense review
  • Work with legal counsel to review agreement and indemnification language for your protection
  • Tax mitigation in multiple U.S. and foreign territories with varying tax laws
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During Tour
  • Review settlements and track income
  • Work with client’s team to ensure a smooth tour
  • Analyze projected tour budget-to-actual; confirm expenses are in line to avoid overages at end of tour and take corrective measures in real time
  • Handle all receipts for tax substantiation
  • Organize all aspects of payroll and payroll taxes
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After Tour
  • Post-tour analysis, including promoter profit review for negotiation of future tour deals
  • Post-tour reconciliation and budget-to-actual reporting
  • Assess tour profitability

This is our “bass line” goal for clients embarking on concert tour:

Highest possible profitability/ fewest possible problems.