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Michael Oppenheim

Michael Oppenheim

Founding Partner of NKSFBGO

Business Management

Encino, CA

Michael Oppenheim has been in Business Management for over 35 years, specializing in the music and entertainment industry. His clients include some of the most influential and successful musicians, actors, writers, producers, high net worth individuals and record companies. He believes the strength of his business acumen stems from clear and open communication.

Michael’s focus is Business Management, and he specializes in:

  • Touring (domestic & international)
  • Cash management
  • Insurance and risk management, in coordination with insurance professionals
  • Royalty review and accounting
  • Tax planning

Michael has been recognized as one of the entertainment industry’s top business managers by The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Billboard.

Michael attended the State University of Buffalo where he received an undergraduate degree in accounting.

Michael and his family bring to the world of philanthropy the same energy and entrepreneurial spirit that ensured his success as one of the top business managers. Michael serves on the board of several charitable foundations and supports all of his clients’ charitable endeavors.