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Geoconda Ruiz-Hoffman

Geoconda Ruiz-Hoffman


Business Management

Encino, CA

Geoconda Ruiz-Hoffman has been with the firm for more than 25 years and has more than 35 years of business management experience. Her clients have included production companies, studio presidents, actors, writers, music producers, songwriters, musicians, sport athletes, foreign actors/producers and high net worth individuals. She is fluent in Spanish, which has contributed in handling her foreign clients.

Geoconda’s focus is in Business Management and she specializes in:

  • Managing client companies
  • Coordination of Estate Planning with estate planning professionals
  • Coordination of multi-million-dollar property purchases and sales
  • Cash flow management
  • Risk management

Before becoming a Business Manager, Geoconda was a program administrator and worked in Employee Communications and Public Relations for a large company, which has helped her become a well-rounded Business Manager.

Geoconda was bitten by the volunteer bug when she became involved with the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles as a speaker, recruiter and staffing volunteer. She looks forward to volunteering again in 2028. She has held leadership positions at her church related to parish councils, event planning and outreach to the community.

Geoconda met her husband, Andrew, at NKSFB 17 years ago. They enjoy traveling and visiting California wineries.