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Cara Martin Rubin

Cara Martin Rubin



Westwood, CA

Cara Martin Rubin specializes in comprehensive tax planning that caters to the firm’s high net worth and high-income clientele, including real estate investors and developers, artists, executives and entertainment industry professionals including screenwriters, actors, musicians, producers and directors.

Cara’s focus is Tax, and she specializes in:

  • Tax planning, compliance and representation
  • Multi-generational business succession and wealth planning
  • State and local taxation, including domicile and other residency concerns
  • Services specific to high income/high net worth individuals in the Real Estate, Entertainment and Venture Capital industries

Cara has her bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from University of California, Santa Barbara. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Prior to joining NKSFB in 2015, Cara had over 20 years of big four experience in tax and 5 years in private industry as a tax director in a family office focused on entertainment and real estate and Real Estate Investment Trust.