David Weise



DAVID WEISE began his career with a well-respected national accounting firm in 1990. As an accountant, he worked in tax preparation, consulting, and auditing for both individuals and corporations. In 1992, David successfully transitioned into business management after accepting a position with a business management firm in the San Fernando Valley. He quickly excelled as an accountant and business manager and developed his own clientele. In an effort to grow his client base and provide broader services, David left that firm in 1994 to work for an international business management firm. David’s clientele continued to grow. Because he was unwilling to compromise his relationships with his clients, he decided to return to his former firm. In 1999, he made his next big business move forming his own company. His firm was formed with an original staff of four employees. In 2005, there were close to 50 employees when David and his original partner ended their partnership and he formed the firm of David Weise & Associates, Inc. David has always maintained a balanced client base, comprised of music, television and motion picture, and sports clientele. With over 20 years of professional business management experience, David has developed invaluable relationships within the entertainment industry. These relationships have been beneficial in structuring deals which benefit multiple clients at a time. In 2019, DWA merged into NKSFB, LLC.


Bachelor of Science, University of Arizona.

David is a member of the California society of certified public accountants.


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