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Ross Bennet Smith Joins NKSFB as the Firm Expands Internationally

Ross Bennet Smith Joins NKSFB as the Firm Expands Internationally

July 18, 2022

On July 1, 2022, leading UK business management firm, Ross Bennet Smith (RBS), joined NKSFB. Led by Daniel Ross and based in London, RBS is a provider of business management, tax, accounting, family office and corporate finance advisory services to a diverse set of global clients, including recording artists, actors, athletes, high-net-worth families and media, entertainment and technology companies.

RBS will leverage NKSFB’s scale and infrastructure to expand its client services and geographic reach. Concurrently, NKSFB will expand its international presence and expertise.

In discussing the combination, Mickey Segal shared that “Dan Ross leads an incredible business that will add substantial value to our clients, while expanding our business beyond the US. There will be many opportunities for collaboration, and we look forward to providing an enhanced client experience.”

From the RBS perspective, Dan Ross expressed, “I am excited for RBS to join forces with NKSFB, and for the opportunity to add my unique expertise to NKSFB as a Partner, while I continue to lead RBS. Not only are RBS clients gaining a greater breadth and depth of services, but they will also benefit from access to the NKSFB network and a brand which resonates globally.”

Even though the ink on the deal is barely dry, several significant US-based NKSFB clients have already embraced RBS, while other RBS clients are shifting their US interests to NKSFB. These exciting and accretive combinations should continue to fuel the Firm’s growth on both sides of the Atlantic.