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Tom Nazarian

Tom Nazarian’s Night at the DGA Awards

April 28, 2022

Each year NKSFB and its NKSF affiliate assist the Directors Guild and its Film and TV Awards Committee in preparing for the annual DGA Awards ceremony. This year, the 74th Annual DGA Awards, offered Tom Nazarian the opportunity to both participate in the award vote tabulation and, even more exciting, to attend the March 12th award ceremony.

On the day of the event, Tom “dressed like James Bond” and drove to the Beverly Hilton Hotel with the final award decisions in hand. He walked the “Red Carpet,” enjoyed the cocktail reception, and moved on to the award presentation. Once inside, Tom noted that “seeing all the famous actors and actresses within such a close proximity makes you think that anything is possible in LA LA Land!”

The excitement included a photograph on the Red Carpet and receiving a director’s chair trophy souvenir. Tom was also able to mingle with the event host and take pictures with a variety of celebrities. Describing the experience, Tom said: “The whole event feels surreal, to say the least. I was extremely happy and proud to be part of the process and represent NKSFB.”

Director's Guild of America award