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Avery & Greig board room interior

Avery & Greig Joins NKSFB

January 4, 2022

Avery & Greig, a boutique tax and business management firm located in Santa Monica, CA, has joined the ranks of NKSFB. The firm is poised to enhance NKSFB’s industry-leading tax and business management expertise.

“I am proud to announce the acquisition of Avery & Greig, Howard Avery and Bob Greig, a 20-person firm located in Santa Monica,” says managing partner Mickey Segal. “They specialize in tax with a small business management department and some advisory services [and] they will be maintaining their offices in Santa Monica. We would like to welcome them to NKSFB and we look forward having them join our family.”

Founded on the premise of personal service, Avery & Greig has provided quality professional services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses while maintaining a reasonable fee structure. Since 1978, the company has embraced providing straightforward solutions to business issues so they can be acted upon quickly.

Headed by Howard Avery and Bob Greig, Avery & Greig has consistently provided all-inclusive tax planning and business management services to high-net-worth individuals and entertainers, and their expertise will leverage NKSFB’s scale and infrastructure to expand its client services. Through the partnership, NKSFB gains added business acumen and enhanced tax capabilities, enabling further expansion of its scope and scale in the multifamily office and business manager space.