Our approach to Business Management is defined by your life’s parameters and adjusted to your life’s changes.  That’s because your life is a work in progress.  There’s no other quite like it.  We offer creative, calculated, confident solutions.  Based on solid planning and disciplined execution.  Completely and openly accountable to you.

Refined Planning
We start by listening.  Clarifying what matters most to you.  Defining and refining what makes your life unique.  What works best.  Together with you, we develop a clearly defined mission, vision and strategy.

Success Management
Business Management is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process of change, re-evaluation and adjustments.

Customized Approach
Working with you, we outline a customized approach, identifying key drivers for success.  Then, on your approval, we proceed with the implementation.

Keeping You on Track
Our Business Management team will work directly with you to consider revising your game plan for life’s inevitable detours and changing circumstances.

Our approach blends a universe of sophisticated services with a concierge-style approach to meeting your needs.  Working together, our Business Management team provides an extensive menu of services from which to choose, including:

  • Bill payment
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Debt planning
  • Financial record keeping
  • Tax planning assistance
  • Insurance coordination
  • Financial career guidance
  • Family governance and policy development
  • Mortgage review and coordination
  • Real estate and relocation coordination
  • Negotiation of major services
  • Coordination of property management and domestic services
  • Medical claims process
  • A range of other related services and solutions

Defined Action
With your unique goals in mind, we develop a customized plan that defines success.  Then, we implement your plan effectively.  Coordinating some of the most appropriate experts to deliver the customized service your life demands, while still allowing you to remain the “CEO” of your life.

We look forward to simplifying the complexities of your life and helping you find greater peace of mind.


  • Cash flow management and planning
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Royalty review, auditing and tracking
  • Review of contracts
  • Account services – including budgeting, projection of expenses, accounting of revenue, insurance and payment of bills
  • Structuring of entities for business activities (i.e. loan-outs for entertainment clients or personal service corporations for high net worth clients.)
  • Financial record keeping
  • Depositing of all income
  • Managing and monitoring check receipts and bill payments
  • Debt planning
  • Risk management
  • Investment review
  • Obtaining insurance coverages
  • Negotiation of real estate and major asset acquisitions


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