Publication & Articles


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  • “Can Executives and Producers Be Employees and Independent Contractors?” Entertainment Law & Finance (March 2013). Author: Bob Jason, Principal.
  • “Tax Issues in International Endorsement Deals for U.S. Entertainers and Athletes Working Abroad,” Entertainment Law & Finance (March 2012). Author: Bob Jason, Principal.
  •  “Advances to Talent – Careful Planning Required to Avoid an 80% Tax Rate Under IRC Sec. 409A,” Entertainment Law & Finance (2008). Author: Bob Jason, Principal.
  •  “Federal Tax Reform Includes Traps for Deferred Compensation,” Entertainment Law & Finance(2005) (co-author). Author: Bob Jason, Principal.


  • “Celebrity Taxes:  What the Stars Can Teach You About Saving Money on Taxes”, (February 2013). Featured: Bob Jason, Principal.
  • “Is Swag Dead?” People Magazine- Hollywood Daily (August 25, 2006). Featured: Bob Jason, Principal.



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