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Nicholas Brown

Nicholas Brown


Business Management

Encino, CA

Nicholas Brown started his Entertainment Business Management practice in London in 1981, which experienced exponential growth and became one of the largest firms in the UK with over 50 employees over the 10 years he was there. Nicholas came back to Los Angeles in 1990 and has created a strong base of both UK ex-pats in the music and movie business and indigenous American bands and TV & Movie stars.

Nicholas’ focus is Business Management, and he specializes in:

  • Band touring preparation of financial budgets and set-up costs
  • UK Bands Touring Tax clearances in the US
  • Catalogue publishing and recording sales in the music industry
  • Mortgage and refis
  • Matrimonial divorce financial settlements and pre-nups

Nicholas did not go to college but went straight into an Accounting Practice in 1968, where he was articled in London – becoming a British Chartered Accountant in 1974. He became a fellow of that insititute in 1979. Nicholas is a graduate, in 2009, of the Masters in Spiritual Psychology program at the University of Santa Monica, where he continues to volunteer monthly in their various programs. He is a lifelong athlete who has completed 18 marathons internationally and domestically, finishing in the top 1% in his field. A fitness regime is an integral part of his everyday life.

Nicholas actively gives back to his community through service to charitable organizations, ranging from assisting underprivileged teens in the Los Angeles community district to being the Chairman of EduCare and being on the Board of the Hands of Hope and Heart Foundation, assisting in the plight of homeless students in the community here in California.

Nicholas has traveled the world with the various bands he has represented and is a big Chelsea Football Fan having almost been apprenticed to a professional soccer club in England when he was a teenager. Nicholas has two boys, Jesse and Jerish, and lives very happily with his partner, Gabriella.