Participation & Royalty Services

Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein, LLP helps the world’s most creative and successful entertainers receive what they are entitled to. We serve actors, performance and recording artists, producers, directors, writers, and other executives working within the entertainment industry.

We define the quality of our service and the aggressiveness of our representation each time we deliver a participation and royalty audit. Each typically deals with contractual payments based on complex formulas having high potential for mistakes, misinterpretations or miscommunications. Our audits cover:

  • Film and television net profit and gross receipts participation agreements
  • Film and television production costs
  • Licensing agreements or contracts that require royalty payments or profit sharing
  • Merchandise licensing examinations
  • Music publishing royalties
  • Record royalties

Tenacious. Tough. Results-Oriented.

There are many ways to make money in the entertainment industry. Gross receipts. Net profits. Merchandise placement and licensing. Record royalties. Electronic distribution. Music publishing. And many more.

Yet, entertainers often do not receive the full amounts contractually owed to them. Clerical errors, unintentional oversights, conflicting interpretations of contract language and even outright fraud combine to underpay artists by millions of dollars. And this injustice can go on year after year, even with the best legal representation in the business.

Whether you’re a business advisor or an attorney, you need someone who can aggressively act to recover those monies by leveraging the most compelling evidence available to support strong recovery objectives. In an industry where it’s common to recover only small percentages of claims, our track record shows that we consistently deliver exceptional bottom-line results. In fact, clients frequently request our expertise before they negotiate a new contract. That’s because they depend on us to recommend specific procedures and controls that will maximize the ease and speed of future collections.


We believe our track record speaks for itself. To find out how we can help you fulfill your insolvency or litigation needs, please call Kyle Uemura at 310-229-5172, Jill Goldstein at (310) 229-5112, or Irwin Nachimson at (310) 229-5161 to learn more about our services.


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