Music & Touring

The role of a business manager for an artist is not to be confused with a personal manager. While a personal manager is more like a CEO, the Business Manager is your CFO, who helps manage the income from deals once they are in place. A Business Manager handles all financial issues such as investments, financial planning, bookkeeping, tour account services, asset administration, tax services, insurance monitoring, and royalty examination.



Touring Services



  • Pre Tour Budget
  • Creation of tour budget
  • Review all performance deals offered by concert Promoters to determine total gross earnings of tour
  • Projection of expenses
  • On Tour Recordation, audit and reconciliation of venue settlement reports
  • Collection and accounting of all revenue earned
  • Agency Deposit Schedules
  • Road Float Report
  • Payment of all bills associated with tour
  • Making sure proper insurance is in place (non-appearance coverage)



Royalty Review



We will review all royalty statements, including artist/producer mechanical and publishing royalty statements. We compare these statements to the artist’s contract(s) to verify that only the proper rates and deductions have been made.



Tracking & Reporting



We track the due dates of all royalties from third parties, monitor the receipt of royalty statements, monitor the collection of royalty earnings, enter all contracts into a computer database for quick retrieval, and report these findings to artist and/or management.



3rd Party Administration



We prepare statements for Producers, other Musicians or Performers to whom you are required to render royalty statements. NKSFB can prepare these statements so that you are in compliance with your obligations to third party artists.



Royalty Auditing



We maintain a staff of expert Auditors who can review and analyze your royalty statements to determine if you have been paid all sums to which you are contractually entitled. Click here for more information on our auditing services for musicians and performers.




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