As Payroll Compliance Auditors, our guiding principle is TRANSPARENCY. Our clients know that we will never make auditing decisions based upon who will benefit but simply, what is correct. The top entertainment-related Health and Pension Plans rely on Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein LLP to perform their audits and ensure contributing employers — Hollywood’s major studios, production companies, and smaller businesses covered under various entertainment industry categories — are in compliance. In doing so, this can result in the recovery of tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein LLP designs and implements rigorous audit programs in order to detect delinquencies, and minimize participants obtaining benefits improperly.

We provide a thorough, independent audit with timely and accurate status reports leading to clearly defined and prompt conclusions of these audits. Knowing what to look for, and where, and being able to speak our client’s language, can make all the difference for them knowing that all relevant records have been reviewed and nothing has been missed.

What is unique about our customized audit programs is that we provide insight into system irregularities and collective bargaining interpretational issues. Coordinating with counsel where appropriate, we can also :

· Correct well-intended yet inaccurate interpretations of complex Collective Bargaining Agreements

· Equitably resolve differences with employers

· Facilitate maximum recoveries

· Negotiate settlements with contributing employers on the client’s behalf

· Serve as expert witness

· Educate on future compliance

When it comes to payroll compliance auditing, Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein LLP not only does it right the first time, we also have a very high rate of recovery in the process. We call it

. . . Redefining Compliance.


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